Monday, April 24, 2006


Lesson-13 : IR Bar Service - Enjoy !

In this session, I am giving some IR examples for your follow-up.

Try to say 1-2-3, 1-2-3 alongwith the following songs, and identify the bar separation, the notes within the bar, the ascent of a particular word etc. to the extent possible :

(adjust the speed of 1-2-3 to match the speed of the song/words as required, and find whether my comments and time make some sense to you ?)

1) Nilavu (1-2-3) –Thoongum (1-2-3) --- Neram--- (1-2-3) (one bar of silence…1-2-3)

2) Idha (3) Yam - oru (1-2-3) - Kovil (1-2-3) (slight difficult in start follow the Tablaa)

3) Paruva (1-2-3) me…(1-2-3) Pudhiya – Paadal --- Padu (follow the foot steps sound …!)

4) Aa Aa Aa (1-2-3) Nand dh aa (1-2-3) Ra aa aa (1-2-3) Gam mm mm (1-2-3) (panneer pushpangal song)

5) Pattu-Kanna-mm (1-2-3) Thottu-Koll-aa (1-2-3) (listen to the starting tik-tik-tik…1-2-3, 1-2-3…)

6) Raa-saa-thi (1-2-3) On-nai-ai (1-2-3) Kaa-naa-dha (1-2-3) Nen-ju-uu (1-2-3) …. (follow the violin chords interlude…1-2-3, 1-2-3…)

7) Chin-na-Chin (1-2-3) na-aa-a (1-2-3) Van-nak-ku (1-2-3) yil-ll-ll (1-2-3)…. (Of Mouna Raagam)

8) Chittukku Chella Chittukku ( You follow 2 beats per bar or the 3 units per beat ?.... Good teaser……)

Listen to the songs below with 1-2-3-4 claps….or 1-2 claps

(initially it will be problematic, to segregate 2 crotchets per bar and 4 crotchets per bar…don’t worry.. atleast find the difference from 1-2-3 claps now…)

1) Megam Kottatum

2) Edho Mogam Vandhado…… (mouna raagam )

3) Koondukkulle enna vacchu

4) Nilave Vaaa – ( mouna raagam) ( in both the songs at 3 & 4 tabla will speak that 1234, 1234 for you.. …)

5) Roja Poo Vadugindradhu…(Agni Nakshatram)

Its an ocean ! Each song will take atleast a day for you, if you are really involved.

Your mind, mouth, hand everything will ache…….!!

but you will be so mesmerized, that you cant leave and get out of this addiction…!

Try it… !

There will be many more additional revelations occurring to you ( just like it happened to Buddhaa ) !

Something like this :

Irrespective of the variation in the apparent rythm style of song from Pallavi to Charanam etc , from Carnatic to Western to folk etc etc, the basic tim count you are following remain the same say 1-2-3. or 1-2-3-4 etc !

However, you will be astonished to note the different make-ups it is going through….Amazing ! (Listen to Oh Vasantha Raajaa…in Neengal Kettavai ! Irrespective of tabla or drum beats variation the basic is always 4 counts.)

The silences or gaps in between notes also take such uniform timing units ! Silences do have counts !

Number of bars per line of lyrics generally falling on even numbers generally divisible by 4 normally…!

In general,

Each Pallavi takes some 8 bars or 16 bars like that…

Each Charanam takes some 32 bars to 64 bars…etc…

Each of the interludes gaps also divisible by 4.. etc etc.

Any new instrument introduction or new voice starts or leave the music on exactly in those even number bars…!

Sometimes, the percussion instrument starts exactly on bar start but, the lyric portion shows a little lag or lead and confusing us…!

Sometimes, it was so difficult to find the counts in the Pallavi, then suddenly it is so easy to follow in the Charanam (mainly due to the complicated beats of the percussions…! )

We will do the naming of such Thaalams, Counts etc later…!

For the time being just realize and visualize..! And FEEEEEEEL IT !

Just wanted to congratulate you for the effort.Though im a bit slow in grasping all, but be assured that it is helping us a lot.

Btw can u give some notes represnttion of our thalai songs so that i can practice in my violin(I have started learning carnatic and dont think it will be too much an effort to map it to swaras)
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