Thursday, May 11, 2006


Lesson-20 : Intervals & Relationships - Part-1

Hi All,

Let me give you some analogy.

Assume the whole range of WCM as a housing Colony. There may be many tall Multi-storey-Apartments in that colony.

Now, we can concentrate one such apartment called the "Major Apartment". In which, we have identified a small flat/house called "C-Major Scale" !

Naturally, house will contain some People inside; in our case the Seven Notes of the Major scale!

So far, we have analysed and understood the overall pattern/ look of this house !

We have also got introduced ourselves and had a hand-shake with the seven members of this house and got their names also ! (Tonic, Dominant etc..)

We also guessed from the stature & appearance at a first glance, who is the House leader (is it not the Tonic ?) as well as some important other fellows among these members….!

So far so good… !

But don’t you feel, if we could remain some more time inside the house amongst them and do some careful observations, we can better understand the inter-relationship & behavioral pattern amongst them a little more ??

Incidentally, you can also make a better binding with each one of them in that process ?

Yes… we can do that…! And we are precisely going to do that just now…!

Anyway, the question that baffles you is :

Why at all this inter-relationship shall be understood ?

Good Question!

You may agree with me that, this abstractive term relationship is what binds the people together;

Just like in between Husband and Wife, with Parents and their children, brothers and sisters, elder generation and younger one etc etc...!

Each relationship has its own characteristics, pluses and minuses etc.

This relationship and the equations are what that create, balance and maintain the HARMONY in a family life.

Do you agree ?

So, Music also needs the Harmony;

particularly the WCM foundation is laid on this Harmony.

So to create, balance, understand and maintain the Harmony, we must understand the relationships between the basic constituents, i.e., the musical Notes!

While defining the pattern of a Major Scale, we indeed studied one such relationship, ie the gap between each adjacent notes, say 1&2, 2&3, 3&4 etc etc.

Now, we will look into another kind of relationship; i.e. the relationship between a particular note, say Tonic, and all other notes to this basic note, Tonic ! i.e relationship between 1&2, 1&3, 1&4 etc etc...!

In our human relation ship we have names for denoting various relationships, like Father, Mother, Sister etc etc;

Like that we need some naming convention to use them.

Let us see that !

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