Sunday, May 21, 2006


Lesson-23 : The Major Apartments - Sharp Analysis : Part-1

Hi All,

Let us go back to our Apartments Analogy.

We are in our WCM Colony.

And we did locate the Major apartments which indeed a 12 storey building…!

And to start with we visited the Ground Floor House ie C-Major

We had the glimpse of all Seven members and tried to understand the various relationships between them.

Now it's ime to move up to the upper floors of this House …. Let’s go..!

But climb with me straight away to 8th floor….Forget for the time being those intermediate flats C#, D, …E, F, etc. …..and you see we have reached… G-Major…!

Enter it, you feel this is the same type of look…like C….! Again the seven members of the flat welcome us…!

Of course… now the leader of the house is “G”…!

Person is same… but the role title is different….G is the leader and D is second leader.. and so on… !

but…check carefully…

you find one person is "missing" and another new person has taken his place…!

Like in the long serial TV drama…the character remain same… but that is played by a new actor or actress….!

Who is that ?.. that is indeed F-Sharpand F has left the scene…!

Why and how did it happen….?

To explain that, putting aside the above example for the time being….let us get into the business of mathematical analysis as usual…!

Our earlier understanding of Major scale stipulates that we need a pattern of adjacent notes obeying

(Whole+Whole+Semi) + Whole + (Whole + Whole + Semi)

When we start the Scale with note G, all the other notes A, B, C, D, E takes care of these interval…….

But the moment we select F, this is not obeying the Whole tone gap required ( since gap between E to F is only a Semi tone )…

So you have to jump to one more next key to reach F-Sharp (F#) thereby satisfying the criteria…

and it indeed fulfils the next & last semi tone requirement as F-Sharp to G is exactly that…!

So the G-Major notes are

G-A-B-C-D-E-F#-G … That’s it !

So, in comparison to C-Major (all-white-key-scale), in the case of G-Major, we have added one Black-member to the family by replacing a White member…!

Hope this is clear !

Some more clarifications on representing and denoting a black note will be given in next posting....

Enjoyed a lot! »
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