Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Lesson-30 : Summary of Major Understandings!

Before proceeding further to"Minor Scales",

Its time for summarizing the understandings of various findings on Major scales of Sharps & Flats as well as other learnings on the accidentals, modulation etc.

US-1 : In a keyboard,or piano, Black notes are placed in a particular fashion in between White notes. They are called either Sharp (#) of previous white note or Flat (b) of succeeding note…

US-2 : Symbols like Sharp and Flat (and one more symbol called Natural….meaning returning to normalcy by canceling the sharp or flat effect..) are called Accidentals

US-3 : The simple rule to form a Scale using the seven notes (alphabets).. “Use each letter certainly once…but ONLY once…”

US-4 : Major Scales of Sharps can be formed by proceeding Perfect 5th upward each time from the tonic of previous scale.

Each time the leading note gets sharpened in addition to the previous sharps.

US-5 : The sequence of notes getting sharpened each time is F, C, G, D, A, E, B respectively for the Major scales of G, D, A, E, B, F#, C# .

Remember the sentence for Sharp Majors:
Father - Charles - Goes - Down - And - Ends – Battle

US-6 : Similarly Major Scales of Flats can be formed by proceeding Perfect 5th downward (or Perfect 4th upward..) each time from the tonic of previous scale.

Each time the Sub-dominant is getting flattened in addition to the previous flats.

US-7 : The sequence of notes getting flattened each time is B, E, A, D, G, C, F respectively for the Major Scales of F, B-flat, E-Flat, A-flat, D-Flat, G-Flat, C-Flat and F-Flat.

This is exactly the reverse of the sharp sequence.

Remember the sentence for Flat Majors:
Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father !

US-8 :WCM strongly advises to change the induced monotony in a song in the same scale, by shifting to other scale which is very nearby…. Meaning try to change only one note at a time and shift to another scale..!

Such process of changing is called Modulation…!

(A technique strongly supported by WCM…but strongly opposed by Carnatic scheme ! )

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